December - Issue No. 1 released as 'The London Mystery Magazine', the volume is priced 2/6. The magazine is in the 'Digest Format' of 7⅜ by 5⅜ inches. The magazine is released in both the UK and the USA, the editions being the same except for the placement of regional advertising.


Founded and edited by Michael Hall, the magazine was and distributed by Hulton Press in the UK and Ziff Davies in the USA. With thanks to the Abbey National Building Society (the owners of the property), the address for the magazine is given as 221b Baker Street, the home of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

Immediately, the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle litigates against London Mystery Magazine for 'passing off' their magazine as being associated with Sherlock Holmes for using both the name and the address of the fictional character created by Doyle. The case was lost.



Magazine becomes bi-monthly from issue No. 2.    


During April/May of 1950, Michael Hall released a French edition of the magazine with all of the stories translated. The first issue of the French edition was translated from the third issue of the UK edition (though one cartoon from issue 2 was also included). It seems that interest was low, as no further French editions appear to have been produced. 

From issue No. 5, the magazine is renamed 'London Mystery Magazine'.



Magazine fails after issue No. 15


Hulton Press release 'Mystery' a 439 page anthology, preserving the best of the magazine in a hardback book.



Magazine is Resurrected by Publisher, Major Norman Kark and the magazine is lowered to quarterly issues from No. 16 and is edited by Kark's Son Austen.



Jennifer Paterson (one of the 'Two Fat Ladies') Takes over editorship from Austen Kark.  



Norman Kark takes over editorship of the magazine and with assistance, remains editor until the magazine closes.


From No. 36, the magazine is re-titled: 'London Mystery', increasing its story remit to cover supernatural and even science fiction offerings.



Price of volume is increased to 3/6


The London Mystery Anthology of 1952 is re-released by Norman Kark, priced 21/- (mail order). The new release features a yellow dust wrapper with the magazine's iconic image of the policeman blowing his whistle.



After Decimilisation, the magazine is priced at 25p and Reduced in size from its original 'Digest' Format to the 'Paperback' format of 7¼ by 4¾ inches.  


From No. 98, the magazine is re-titled: 'London Mystery Selection'


From issue No. 101, the magazine is reduced in size from 'Paperback' format to the 'Pocketbook' Format of 7¼ by 4¼ inches.


Price raised to 35p


Price Raised to 50p


Price raised to 75p


London Mystery Magazine closes and Norman Kark retires to South Africa.